Barnacled Pebble Painting

April 2021- Acrylic on watercolour paper, mounted on cradled panel This painting was inspired by a walk on Cadboro Bay Beach at low tide, where there were a number of rocks with barnacles in the sand. The composition was developed as I added rocks to the painting, with sea foam creating the triangular boundary atContinue reading “Barnacled Pebble Painting”

Raven With Attitude

created December 2020 This painting is typical for me in that I began with an abstract background, applied with a brush, using heavy body acrylics and a little retarder, in order to move the paint over the whole area without it drying or creating unwanted hard edges. I divided the canvas near the top, andContinue reading “Raven With Attitude”

Arbutus Paintings

These are from photos I took of Victoria area arbutus trees, mostly overhanging over the ocean or the Gorge Inlet. They are acrylic on paper, with transparent layers like watercolour, built up until they are rich and varied. How I begin a painting


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