Pouring Diluted Flashe Paints

Out of My Comfort Zone: Pouring Flashe Paints, January 2, 2022 I have been trying to pour Flashe paints repeatedly, but today I found the optimal dilution, moved the paint around with a plastic edge, added some diluted sepia ink (acrylic), then LEFT IT ALONE! It has taken all day to dry. The image onContinue reading “Pouring Diluted Flashe Paints”

Painting with Watercolour Pencils

December 22, 21 Painting (on paper) is finished with acrylic paint, then coated with acrylic medium(isolation coat) and spray varnished. Works on paper are mounted on cradled wood panel. The fox image is drawn in pencil with areas lightly sketched in to mark where colour changes happen. Then watercolour pencil is lightly scribbled to layContinue reading “Painting with Watercolour Pencils”

Improving a Painting with a Squeegee

December 20, 2021 I wanted to work on the water reflections beneath the Island in the painting. In the first picture, I squeezed tube colours and white directly onto the canvas. In picture 2, I dragged horizontally with an ordinary squeegee to spread out the paint. In picture 3, I did some light brushstrokes toContinue reading “Improving a Painting with a Squeegee”

Abstract Background, November 3, 21

Pouring Technique, and how to create texture This is the finished painting, Raven and Mandala. I rotated the canvas, stared at it until I saw the head and body of a raven, which I developed. I left some of the light abstract markings on the bird, so that it would appear somewhat magical and abstract.Continue reading “Abstract Background, November 3, 21”

Reclaimed Painting: gesso saves the day

I liked the sky and clouds of a failed beach painting, so I painted out the unwanted section with gesso. I would normally paint over a section with coloured paint, but the gesso seemed to restore the light-sharing properties of white canvas. I was still able to get transparent-looking water, even though there are colourContinue reading “Reclaimed Painting: gesso saves the day”

Barnacled Pebble Painting

April 2021- Acrylic on watercolour paper, mounted on cradled panel This painting was inspired by a walk on Cadboro Bay Beach at low tide, where there were a number of rocks with barnacles in the sand. The composition was developed as I added rocks to the painting, with sea foam creating the triangular boundary atContinue reading “Barnacled Pebble Painting”

Abstract Arbutus, April 18, 2021

This painting began with an abstract underpainting, the background. Then I began to “see” an arbutus tree in the reddish areas. I found one of my photographs of an arbutus and began to develop the “volume” or solidness of the tree shape. I left the white splotch as it was, for a pop of contrast.Continue reading “Abstract Arbutus, April 18, 2021”

Raven With Attitude

created December 2020 This painting is typical for me in that I began with an abstract background, applied with a brush, using heavy body acrylics and a little retarder, in order to move the paint over the whole area without it drying or creating unwanted hard edges. I divided the canvas near the top, andContinue reading “Raven With Attitude”