Pouring Diluted Flashe Paints

Out of My Comfort Zone: Pouring Flashe Paints, January 2, 2022 I have been trying to pour Flashe paints repeatedly, but today I found the optimal dilution, moved the paint around with a plastic edge, added some diluted sepia ink (acrylic), then LEFT IT ALONE! It has taken all day to dry. The image onContinue reading “Pouring Diluted Flashe Paints”

Painting with Watercolour Pencils

December 22, 21 Painting (on paper) is finished with acrylic paint, then coated with acrylic medium(isolation coat) and spray varnished. Works on paper are mounted on cradled wood panel. The fox image is drawn in pencil with areas lightly sketched in to mark where colour changes happen. Then watercolour pencil is lightly scribbled to layContinue reading “Painting with Watercolour Pencils”