Reclaimed Painting: gesso saves the day

I liked the sky and clouds of a failed beach painting, so I painted out the unwanted section with gesso. I would normally paint over a section with coloured paint, but the gesso seemed to restore the light-sharing properties of white canvas. I was still able to get transparent-looking water, even though there are colourContinue reading “Reclaimed Painting: gesso saves the day”

Abstract Arbutus, April 18, 2021

This painting began with an abstract underpainting, the background. Then I began to “see” an arbutus tree in the reddish areas. I found one of my photographs of an arbutus and began to develop the “volume” or solidness of the tree shape. I left the white splotch as it was, for a pop of contrast.Continue reading “Abstract Arbutus, April 18, 2021”